We have all felt protected by his non-judgmental approach

“I participate with a group of peers in a monthly reflective practice group run by Chris Dawber. We all look forward to our sessions where we share our private lives and debrief about our complex work environment and its challenges. We have been able to support each other leading to a more cohesive workplace and contained venting. Chris has facilitated the group very effectively using his years of experience in a calm and controlled manner, maintaining a high level of confidentiality and professionalism. We have all felt protected by his non-judgmental approach and the ownership the group has had on proceedings. We have all immersed ourselves in the regular and varied mindfulness exercises included in the sessions and had strategies to take away to use in our real lives. Chris has challenged us to interrogate our feelings freely about topics discussed and allowed differences of opinion to be explored constructively. He has followed up outside the sessions with useful readings for us to expand our learning further. I would highly recommend Chris based on my knowledge of his work.”