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    Caring for others requires compassion, patience & empathy. Nurses, doctors, midwives, allied health workers, support staff and peer workers devote their time and energy to helping others. Whilst often rewarding and satisfying, this work can also carry a cost.

    Emotional labour describes the act of attending to the emotional needs of others whilst containing/suppressing our own.

    Witnessing or listening to stories of other’s suffering can lead to vicarious trauma. We may also be dealing with trauma of our own.

    Cumulative stress from high workloads, competing work place demands & other workplace pressures may wear us down further, lessening our resilience when a critical incident occurs.

    A lack of self care can lead to Compassion Fatigue & Burn out; with associated feelings of disillusionment, anxiety, depression, hopelessness & self doubt.

    Effective Clinical Supervision provides the opportunity to receive support, develop skills & critically explore clinical/ethical dilemmas.

    Facilitated reflective practice groups allow issues of concern to be explored from a range of different perspectives in a supportive setting, helping to reduce stress levels and develop critical thinking.

    Psychotherapy aims to help people cope with emotional distress by exploring ways to change thinking & behavior.

    We provide a space for healers, helpers, teachers and carers to focus on self awareness, self development and self care; honouring the person within the role and promoting reflection on the personal & interpersonal elements of our work.

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    “By three methods we may learn wisdom: first by reflection, which is noblest, second by imitation, which is easiest, third by experience, which is bitterest.” - Confucius