RPG has kept me grounded

Hi Chris – I just wanted to say thank you for everything over the past few year.
RPG has been the one thing in this (challenging) workplace that has kept me grounded and allowed me to connect with similar minded (& ethically oriented) colleagues. The other great benefit has been the resilience those connections have cultivated and the commitment to retaining one’s ‘authentic self’ (your words). I now truly have some understanding of the courage and determination it must have taken on your behalf to get RPGs going in the first place…

GM Dietician December 2023

2-Day RPG facilitator training workshop (2023).

• Training was very experiential… elements of the process of an RPG permeated throughout the training which was helpful and reinforcing.
• I very much enjoyed this workshop and found it invaluable.
The content was relevant and understandable, and the facilitators approachable and knowledgeable.
Parking was the only aspect of the last two days that was ‘not fantastic’.
• Relevant and important – excellent trainers and co facilitators
• Two consecutive days with the same group, doing experiential learning together. All very valuable in improving understanding confidence and the readiness to move on to the next steps.
• Thank you for role modelling effective reflective practice group facilitation.
I admire your craft in teaching the process and foundational knowledge, and role model at the same time. I would love to challenge myself to take on an (RPG) apprenticeship.
• Found being in the facilitator role quite stressful, but helpful. It pushed me out of my comfort zone.
• Found the entire training helpful and have become more confident. It has reinforced to me how important reflective practice is for everybody.
• I was initially worried about the idea of facilitating the group at the end of the second day, however the way it was conducted was very supportive and highly beneficial. Thank you!
• Excellent training. Excellent presenter. Techniques very effective.
I feel valued as a nurse in this service to have been offered this training.
• Excellent training. Great theoretical and practical experience. The best part was the ‘facilitating a group’ experience.
Very valuable learning experience. All senior nurses should be encouraged to do this training.

RPG facilitator training workshop participants 2023

I’m extremely thankful to Chris.

Chris’s clinical supervision; as part of a “Reflective Practice Group” of SMOs (Senior Medical Officers) for many years as well as individual sessions, has been professionally and personally life changing.

Under Chris’s gentle expert guidance, our group of Medical Oncologists has developed a strong sense of trust leading to a more cohesive workplace and a pleasant work environment. Our team very much looks forward to our sessions with Chris !
The mindfulness exercises we practice in our sessions are also very beneficial for personal growth and developing a sense of calm and control, despite the sometimes chaotic oncology clinics.
Individual sessions have certainly facilitated complex and challenging transition periods in my career and life.
Chris adds incredible value in my life.

Alessandra - Medical Oncologist November 2023

You do good work!

Thank you for your support during my pregnancy. It was such a tough time and I can’t believe how many things life threw at me at once.
I thought things quieting down would be hard but I have loved the slow pace I have now.
I see that time, and a test of my resilience, and the work we did, as a bit of a mental health tune up. Good to know what my limits are I guess.
But your style was perfect for me. I found you very professional, but also warm, genuine and intelligent. You do good work!

Hope you’re well and enjoying life too.
Annie and Family

Annie - Midwife & Mum October 2023

A safe space to purge my professional/workplace challenges

Supervision with Chris has been invaluable!
A safe space to purge my professional/workplace challenges and reconstruct them in a way with various lenses of ‘professional demeanour’, self growth and care, consideration for client outcomes, ethical and moral sensitivity and how that aligns with what I value my role as a nurse to be.
I feel Chris really listens, reminds me of my strengths, provides great clear, sensible, expert, thoughtful and honest feedback.
I feel like he ‘gets me’. I very much appreciate practicing what we preach and enjoying some grounding calming techniques that reminds me that I am deserving of this also.

Leanne Marshall, Clinical Care Coordinator, Open Minds July 2023

RPG Facilitator Training and Supervision

Selection of feedback from trainee RPG facilitators regarding their experience of 2 years in an RPG facilitator supervision group:

The Facilitator Supervision facilitated by Chris Dawber is an essential part of being a facilitator of RPGs… I find it an extremely useful learning activity that helps me maintain psychological safety and reflective practice standards within the RPGs that I facilitate.

Overwhelmingly positive, much valued resource to enable ongoing reflection, capacity building & a supportive space.

RPG facilitator supervision has been a really helpful and important platform to share successes and challenges of running RPG; learning new ways to engage with participants.

It is great to learn and hear from the experiences of other facilitators who are genuine and committed towards making RPG a tool to improve the well-being of clinicians.

I feel privileged to be able (and have the opportunity) to hold a space for the nurses working in the inpatient (units). I have learned a lot about myself – the group allows me to reflect on my challenges, bias, and judgements.

RPG facilitators-in-training. Qld, May 2023

Reflective Practice Group for Nurse Managers

Sample of responses from a quantitative/qualitative evaluation of RPG after 4 years:

I feel that RPG improves our team cohesion and allows us to better understand and respect our teams’ members. It allows us a save safe to be vulnerable and feel confident that we are respected. It gives us time and space away from the ongoing stress of the work/ward environment to calm and approach things with a clearer mind and headspace. Chris creates a space that is flexible and adaptive to what is required by the group on the day. I look forward to the RPG and would like it to continue – I strongly encourage all staff members to attend RPG as a direct result of my positive experience with same.

Having this resource available has been instrumental in supporting my own reflections and development within my role. It has also allowed me to gain greater insights into my peer’s perspective which has helped me grow individually but to also understand their perspective & experience.  This keeps us here working in the complex role of NUM.

I feel RPG has been an anchor to myself and my connection to the other group members. When I walk into the room, I feel the deep presence of connection with each other (inclusive of our facilitator) that has been formed one RPG session at a time. The group has created a sense of safety and belonging in that space which we all look forward to coming back to, month after month. The consistency of the frequency and quality of our RPG has helped me to turn up to the groups and release the weight of the role at the door and step into the room as my whole self, not just my NUM self. This experience of feeling more connected to myself, has helped me connect more deeply with the members of my group – a connection which is built on trust, compassion, and curiosity.

Nurse Unit Managers Collective, South Brisbane, Qld May 2023

Thank you for your support of our staff

Thank you for your support of our staff – they really appreciate it. We have had other people doing clinical supervision and staff have not found it nearly as helpful as they have with you.

Selection of feedback from mental health nurses working at the unit.

I felt I got a lot out of it. We need this 100%
I really did enjoy this session – validation for experiences & new skills gained. Thanks
Love it – Fantastic ++
Thank you! An outlet to safely speak our thoughts, experiences and feelings.
The first session I’ve been able to attend has been invaluable
I always find the sessions very helpful, and the facilitator makes it more effective. Thank you Chris
Very well facilitated – respectful & non-judgemental. Well structured.

Lesley Gosper, Quality Coordinator. Caloundra Private Mental Health Unit. December 2022

Personal development in my professional space

Clinical supervision with Chris has allowed me to address trauma and complex patients, and to re-frame my experiences from powerless to self-empowered. Also, and probably more importantly, my personal development in my professional space has allowed me to take on the challenge of a new position in ICU with more control over my natural inclination to react emotionally when under pressure. Thank you

JR ICU Nurse Oct 2022

Reflective Practice Group for Nurse Managers

I relate the experience to a flower blooming. ‘The group’ began as a closed flower bud. Every time we have met as a group with Chris a petal unfolds, but also the roots grow deeper. When ‘the group’ as it is right now, (it is) formed. I have experienced RPG as an instrumental part of our growth, connection and understanding of each other as colleagues, nurses, clinicians and most importantly, the person that is carrying those titles.

SH Mental health NUM 2022

Chris has helped me so much over the last 9 months.

Chris has helped me so much over the last 9 months.
I have gone from being sad with grief, angry from work and confused with my feelings…
to confident and happy, and armed with tools I can use in the future.
Chris’s easy friendly manner made talking and sharing so easy.
Having birds as background music was amazing!
I highly recommend his services.

Dianne - Midwife June 2022

I am so grateful for Chris and all that he offers

When I was at a low point in my life and struggling to work out a way to move forward, Chris was able to squeeze me into his schedule at very short notice.
Not only was his care and counselling a life saver for me, more importantly I felt a safe connection in a very short time. Chris helped me see ‘the real picture’ and helped me have the confidence to achieve goals I felt were insurmountable at the time. I am slowly learning to prioritise myself, be confident in my choices and have gained clarity on what is most important to me.
Thank you Chris for all that you do and continue to do for so many.

Kartini - Midwife Jan 2022

Chris has been a pivotal resource person

Chris has been a pivotal resource person to guide, mentor, assist, reflect and most of all debrief on topics and situations I need to get off my chest.
Our first meeting was breathtaking. Chris has a very relaxing and calming nature that makes you feel at ease and allows for the conversation to flow. His engaging and non-judgemental attitude allowed me to talk about topics I needed to get off my chest. Chris ‘got me’ straight away and realised my elevated stress levels… he stopped the conversation and commenced a relaxation technique (I have started to use this technique whenever I feel myself getting stressed).
Chris has directed my thought processes around professional topics in a positive way… a different direction which would benefit my professional self and decrease conflict. This has changed my mindset and I am grateful for that. I feel lucky I have such a resource to turn to….

Julie, Clinical Nurse Consultant Jan 2022

Clinical supervision has enabled me to reflect

I have found clinical supervision very helpful. Chris is an excellent communicator and I feel we have a high level of rapport. I value the feedback, which has been a two way interaction.
Clinical supervision has enabled me to reflect on my practice; to consider clinical issues, staff interpersonal issues and professional issues

Andy, Nurse Navigator 2021

My deepest appreciation for your support

My deepest appreciation for your support as my clinical supervisor over the last year; my first year as a practicing nurse at that. I feel as though your support was instrumental to my professional development within mental health nursing; allowing me to explore facets of my role which I found difficult at times.

2020 was a challenging year for me personally, as well as professionally, and I do truly believe that your guidance, support, reassurance and encouragement has shaped the nurse I am today and will continue to shape my nursing career as I reflect on our previous sessions. You provide a wealth of knowledge and experience, which is truly invaluable for clinical supervision, and you continue to encourage me to challenge myself and my own values of myself and my ability to nurse. Thank you!


Romy. MH Grad Nurse May 2021

You have been instrumental in my growth as a clinician

I have enjoyed our time together immensely, and I am sorry it had to end. Over the past 2.5 years you have been so instrumental in my growth as a clinician and worker and I thank you dearly for the time you have spent. I believe I have grown a lot in the time we have caught up. I have placed great value on our sessions and have always left feeling challenged and energised. Your thoughtful and kind input has often been a driving influence in my continued career path.

Andrew Hakanson ASHA Functional Recovery Manager - Intercept Youth and Family Support Program. Dec 2020

You helped me to grow as a nurse

Hello Chris,

It has been a blessing to start my mental health journey with you; from my student days back in 2013, to my RN days, now to my CN days. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you as a support, teacher, and inspirer.

Thank you also for allowing me to share my sadness about the lack of support when I started as an RN and CN at my workplace, as well as post several critical incidents. I was able to be comforted throughout the reflective group sessions with you; even though the topics were not in relation to this I was able to obtain a sense of achievement and guidance of what I should be looking for in my career.

Your warmth and vast knowledge definitely helped so much. You helped me to grow as a nurse who cares for not only the clients, but also colleagues and the mental health system as a whole.

I will not forget what I have learned, adapted, and reflected with your support.

Again, thank you so much for everything; your wisdom, kindness, warmth, and knowledge.



Rachel, MH Clinical Nurse, December 2020

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve grown as people and as mental health nurses.

reflective practice with my NUM group has been an important and useful process for me over the last three years. It has helped my own self-awareness by reflecting on past & present experiences that contribute to my ability to work in this role. e are a small unified group with diverse personal & professional life experiences. Reflective Practice Group has allowed me to pause, think and challenge my own perspectives, improving my abilities as a NUM.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve grown as people and as mental health nurses.

Lyndal, Mental Health Nurse Unit Manager

I immensely enjoy my supervision.

Literature has shown the importance of clinical supervision throughout a nurses professional life. The Australian College of Nursing advocates for all nurses to be engaged in some form of clinical supervision undertaken with a qualified clinical supervisor. Despite these recommendations I have only been involved in clinical supervision for the past 18 months.

During my sessions with Chris Dawber, I have learnt the importance of reflection and developed strategies to identify my own areas of strength, as well as areas that require strengthening. Through Chris working with me, I have learnt strategies to navigate my own thoughts and feel I am processing at a higher level of cognitive functioning. Chris has been very good at validating concerns and uses a very open collegial approach, working with the supervisee.

Regardless where we are situated within our professional career, there will always be issues and challenges to meet… often on a daily basis. Despite being in the nursing profession for nearly 40 years, I have learnt numerous strategies and skills from working with Chris. I immensely enjoy my supervision and would advocate that all nurses be involved in clinical supervision with someone like Chris.

Dr Doreen Tapsall. Senior Nurse Manager. Cancer Care

I feel more like myself now than I have in a long time.

I really wanted to thank you for your supervision. You were a great fit for me: your style is incredibly supportive and insightful. Your supervision really helped to pull my head out of a very toxic headspace and refocus on what is most important. The students accessing my support gained also – I was able to be far more present and available to their needs. Goal met!! It was invaluable. I feel more like myself now than I have in a long time. Thanks again Chris, working with you in supervision has truly re-focused me.

Donna Cahill, Student Welfare Officer, Counsellor.

I now feel more comfortable stepping back and reflecting upon difficult and stressful situations

I very much look forward to our sessions with Chris and our team in General Paediatrics. Chris’ expertise and guidance have helped us to connect more with each other and become stronger as a group, through listening to each other’s perspectives on issues that impact us from our day to day clinical practice, our personal lives and world events. Having been trained to be reactive and solutions focussed, I now feel more comfortable stepping back and reflecting upon difficult and stressful situations.  I have also found the mindfulness exercises we practise in our sessions very beneficial for my own self-awareness, resilience and being kind to myself.

Anne, General Paediatrician, Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics and Child Health

Chris has helped to guide and support me through my professional and personal challenges

My first group supervision session as a student nurse was with Chris Dawber. New to this concept, I at first found myself a little out of my comfort zone, not really understanding the meaning or value that supervision can provide within clinical practice.

In my role as a Clinical Nurse with the Cultural Healing Program (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mental Health), responsible for the introduction of a new team within the Mental Health Service, I felt supervision was a priority for my clinical practice. I immediately thought of Chris as a supervisor as he was highly recommended by a former colleague.

Supervision with Chris has helped to guide and support me through my professional and personal challenges. He achieves this by listening, empowering and challenging the way I think about situations, always in a non-judgemental and respectful way. 


Anne, Clinical Nurse, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mental Health

Reflective Practice Group continues to remind me that I have chosen a fulfilling and evolving career

“Participating in Reflective Practice Group has definitely reinforced to me the importance of ongoing maintenance of my professional development and vocational aspirations.   The breadth and depth of our discussions, the trust built up within the group, and the wisdom and patience of our facilitator, has renewed my connections with colleagues and broadened my own insights.  Personally and professionally, the shared experience of reflection and problem solving, with the resultant renewal and growth of the group, has become an invaluable tool for my ongoing professional development.  Reflective Practice Group continues to remind me that I have chosen a fulfilling and evolving career.”                                                                                               


Dr Nicola Previtera, Paediatrician

Clinical supervision with Chris Dawber has been personally and professionally rewarding

“Clinical supervision with Chris Dawber has been personally and professionally rewarding; providing an enriching professional development opportunity.  I have had the opportunity to safely expose and reflect upon my use of self, both within my practice framework, and my inter-personal collegial relationships.”

Laura, Social Worker. Medical Services, June 2020

I have found his ability to help me analyze and improve my practice invaluable

“I have been involved with Chris for a number of years, in both reflective practice groups and individual supervision. I have found his ability to help me analyze and improve my practice invaluable; improving both my personal and professional life. I am grateful for his time and professionalism.”

Scotty, Endorsed Enrolled Nurse  2020

RPG has helped me to process and consider the stresses of public hospital work in so many new and helpful ways

“In the last 2 years, our group of medical practitioners has joined together to use the structured setting of a Reflective Practice Group to work through common workplace, health system and patient related stressors. RPG has helped me to process and consider the stresses of public hospital work in so many new and helpful ways. As a group, we have learned more about each other as both individuals and clinicians and this has helped us communicate better and work towards the improvement of our department.  On an individual level, RPG has allowed me to process very challenging clinical scenarios by sharing the wisdom and learnings of other colleagues, by allowing a safe place of expression and allowing some sense of resolution of the issues that we discuss. After 2 years of regular sessions, I feel more resilient and able to deal with the many and varied challenges that are commonplace in medicine today. I would highly recommend RPG to any clinical group who similarly face complex and recurrent challenges within their workplace.”                                                                       

Dr Michelle Boyd June 2020

Thank you for your contribution to our team

Thank you for all your efforts and dedication to these sessions over the years and I’m certain they have been invaluable for many who have attended over this time.

Todd, Clinical Coach, ICU


I want to thank you for your contribution to our team over the years. It has been very beneficial for us all. On a personal note, your contribution to my mental health has been most positive and has helped me when I needed it. You have been an inspiration to me, and I hope and pray that I can be as half as good as you in my practice as you are in yours.

Andre, RN, ICU

I know I speak on behalf of everyone in saying that your expert involvement in this group for over ten years has been absolutely invaluable and very much appreciated. You have helped so many people deal with some very difficult situations and we are very grateful.        

Olivia, Clinical Nurse Consultant, ICU

Intensive Care Nurse's Reflective Practice Group

I have found sessions with Chris to be grounding

Supervision with Chris has provided me with a quiet space for me to reflect on my day to day practise as a NUM. Guiding me to accept the things l cannot change and providing me with the focus and ability to prioritise where my capabilities are best utilised. I have found the sessions with Chris to be grounding and, through some mindfulness, I have developed a sense of lightness. I highly recommend Chris and wish that all health professionals could access such a service.     

Mhairi, Nurse Unit Manager, Cancer Care. June 2020

Our group has been able to de-stress, become self-aware, facilitate team building

I have been a part of our Senior Nurse’s Mental Health Team Reflective Practice Group for some time now. I have found Chris to be a very supportive in this setting He has been able to guide the group through various processes to assist us to achieve outcomes of being more reflective and recovery oriented. Our group has been able to de-stress, become self-aware, facilitate team building which in turn helps with our day to day business working in a Mental Health Inpatient setting, in a Management role. We have been able to identify our strengths and our weaknesses, to move forward as a strong team working together, however also autonomously at the same time. I have found that being able to be involved with a Reflective Practice Group, and to encourage staff to attend their own Reflective Practice Group, is a positive experience.

Deb, Nurse Unit Manager. Mental Health - 2020

When supervision from Chris became possible I jumped at the chance

Supervision had been undervalued in Nursing so I wasn’t aware that I was missing out on anything of great value. Then I moved to the Sunshine Coast and was fortunate to meet and work with Chris Dawber. This gave me the opportunity to witness the high standard of his practice in Consultation Psychiatry, including running reflective practice groups, so when supervision from Chris became possible I jumped at the chance. I haven’t looked back (although Chris does encourage me to reflect every 6 months on where we’ve been and where we’re going with supervision).

Chris brings such an amazing volume of knowledge, experience and a wide range of skills and strategies so that it doesn’t matter the difficulty or the complexity of any situation I find myself in – Chris always seems to know what to say or do to assist me to keep functioning in a challenging role. For that I am deeply indebted.


Cam, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Mental Health - June 2019

With the help of Chris I have been slowly able to re-discover myself

I have had the help, guidance, support of Chris over the last few months. I reached out to Chris as I was going through both personal & professional challenges which were affecting me in every way and hindering my performance & progress. But with the help of Chris I have been slowly able to re-discover myself, my strengths, and work on my weakness. This has impacted both my personal & professional life in a positive way. I would be more than happy to recommend Chris who are out there looking for someone to put a sign post towards their personal/professional development.

JNM:  Senior Medical Officer - May 2019

The space for true reflective practice

Chris has been my supervisor for just over 12 months now and in that time I have had the incredible opportunity to get to know him as a supervisor and more importantly as a human being.

I work with complex and severe youth mental health in an outreach service in North Brisbane, however travel to the sunshine coast to see Chris.

I’ve had different supervisors over the years who haven’t created the best working environment, but until working with Chris, I didn’t realise how that environment should really be. Not only is his practice experienced and knowledgeable but the space for true reflective practice is shared with him, never feeling like your position in the supervision is lesser. His honesty and respect given to me as the architect of my own work is a testament to his clinical supervision and has taught me to look after myself as much as look after my client’s health and well being, something no other supervisor I’ve had has done so effortlessly.

I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend Chris as a supervisor for anyone looking to better their practice, develop improved self care and overall increase your capacity to work better with clients.

Andrew Hakanson ASHA Functional Recovery Manager - Intercept Youth and Family Support Program. June 2019

Reflective Practice Groups have had an incredibly positive influence on our organisation

Chris Dawber has run a successful Reflective Practice Group Program for our mental health nursing workforce for the past 2 years. The RPG clinical supervision program has been implemented over 2 separate hospital campuses involving 8 mental health units.

“Our work force has felt enormously supported by the introduction of these groups and feedback has been very positive with most asking for more sessions in the future. The groups have proved invaluable in reducing stress in what has been a very busy, acute period within our areas.” 

        Terry, A/Director of Nursing

“Reflective Practice Groups have had an incredibly positive influence on our organisation; supporting staff well being and promoting person focused care. Chris’s facilitation style is inclusive and supportive. The process exemplifies shared humanity. Chris is skilled at guiding the group and individuals to understand their experiences and other perspectives to facilitate personal and professional well being.  This in turn has benefits not only for self but for the support and care we provide to others”.   

               Fiona, A/Director of Nursing

Here are some comments from nurses attending Reflective Practice Group sessions in our Mental Health Units

  • Very well run groups promoting self awareness & cohesion among work colleagues.
  • Members of RPG were respectful to each other. It elicited some awareness in my own practice. I learned to think outside the box. It was a good way to debrief.
  • Peer Support was helpful. Hearing other’s experiences can ease one’s own anxieties about situations.
  • I believe it improves my own insight & self awareness. I believe it assists with stress management. I have found it extremely useful & often look forward to the group.
  • My learning, my knowledge was positively affected by the reflections & sharing. I also admire the wisdom of the facilitator.
  • I felt that the sessions were extremely helpful. I felt supported & it was positive listening to the views of others & seeing other ways to look at & deal with situations
  • Strengthens the bond in the team. Helps to learn about the other staff(s) concerns
  • Definitely makes me reflect on past actions and the group helps me to evaluate – to see if there was another way to handle the situation.
  • Team building exercise. Improved my self esteem. Reduces stress by getting emotions out. Develops communication skills.
  • Strengthens team morale & support systems. It has allowed a forum for staff to discuss their feelings or difficulties at work.
  • It allows me to support certain nurses that have had problems but no forum to discuss their issues until RPG started.
  • Have enjoyed hearing other staff speak about positive experiences they have had on the ward – enjoyed being able to vent my frustrations in a safe environment
  • Chris, the leader of this group, has been a great help to all staff & to me. This group has allowed me to reflect in a safe space with others support. It has helped me in so many ways
  • Experiencing & learning how to practice mindfulness – Gaining the support of peers when you have an issue – Feeling confident that all information is confidential

Mental Health Nurses Reflective Practice Group Program - July 2019

I highly recommend Chris as a Clinical Supervisor

I have been receiving Clinical Supervision from Chris for the past 5 years.  I am a Clinical Coach in an acute mental health unit, responsible for the on the job mentoring of staff that work in my area.  Chris ensures that our time is protected and used to reflect on my clinical practice.

It is a valuable space that I share with Chris. This space empowers me to deal effectively with complex clinical and organisational challenges. Through my clinical supervision I have been able to made changes to my practice that have had a positive effect on my relationship with staff.  I believe I have become a better clinician and further developed my role as a clinical coach. I highly recommend Chris as a clinical Supervisor.

Heather Jobson Clinical Mental Health Nurse, Clinical Coach

Excellence in clinical supervision

Chris has been my own clinical supervisor and at other times we have shared a space for Supervision of Supervision (SOS).

Chris holds a deep understanding of the dynamics of care and maintains a humane, recovery-oriented philosophy to inform his clinical supervision. He has always been flexible and available, particularly at times when I have required extra support, providing honest and sensitive feedback to assist me in reflecting upon, processing and managing  professional challenges.

I wish to acknowledge the advanced skills and sensitivity of Chris with regards to clinical supervision, and would highly recommend his services to other mental health nurses including those senior nurses providing clinical supervision to others.

Steve Haines, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Community Mental Health 2018

I have noticed changes in my practice

“Supervision provides me with a safe, respectful place to reflect on my practice as well as challenges in my work environment.
The supervision style that Chris provides has built on my sense of identity as a social worker and I have noticed changes in my practice and “widening of my lens” through the supervisor supervisee conversations and storytelling.”

Ngaire Te Moananui Social Worker - Advanced : July 2018

We have all felt protected by his non-judgmental approach

“I participate with a group of peers in a monthly reflective practice group run by Chris Dawber. We all look forward to our sessions where we share our private lives and debrief about our complex work environment and its challenges. We have been able to support each other leading to a more cohesive workplace and contained venting. Chris has facilitated the group very effectively using his years of experience in a calm and controlled manner, maintaining a high level of confidentiality and professionalism. We have all felt protected by his non-judgmental approach and the ownership the group has had on proceedings. We have all immersed ourselves in the regular and varied mindfulness exercises included in the sessions and had strategies to take away to use in our real lives. Chris has challenged us to interrogate our feelings freely about topics discussed and allowed differences of opinion to be explored constructively. He has followed up outside the sessions with useful readings for us to expand our learning further. I would highly recommend Chris based on my knowledge of his work.”

Dr David Levitt. Director Paediatric Medicine, Director Paediatric Education: July 2018

I recommend him with absolute confidence

“Doc is a unique individual with qualities that are hard to define or quantify. His mentoring skills transgress disciplinary boundaries and he brings something very valuable and powerful to his interaction with everyone who has the privilege to engage with him. He is a generous and gifted man and his guidance has enriched my life. I recommend him with absolute confidence to anyone who wishes to consider themselves and grow, be that as a person, a professional or both.”

Gerhard Venter, Psychologist BA (Hons) Psych, MA Clin Psych

With Chris’s guidance I allowed myself to make real changes and embrace opportunities with enthusiasm once again

“When I first met Chris …. he was beginning to support nurses in the way of clinical supervision; not in the traditional sense of clinical hands on practice we know in nursing, but as supportive practice and mentoring to assist senior nurses through the endless minefield of managing the business of health, strategies to assist with the myriad workplace behaviours, debriefing and crisis events. I felt middle management, as a senior nurse, was the most difficult level to be on – with pressures from all angles, above, below, sideways and within myself to meet the demands of the team and the organisation, to meet targets and maintain high standards of care. When I was met with some compounding and overwhelming personal and professional issues, these conflicted my values and my self-worth … I was starting to struggle with solutions.

I met with Chris, who told me about the work he was doing with nursing groups and other senior nurse leaders to assist their own conflicts within the workplace, I agreed to have regular “chats” with Chris on a one to one basis…couldn’t do any harm could it.

I was very unsure at first as over 30 yrs in the nursing profession and the past 20 years as senior level clinician working quite autonomously within a large organisation in many different fields, I had not really embarked on working on myself and rarely took the time out to allow myself to “self care” so was a little scared at what actually may happen as I opened up so to speak.

I be honest our regular “chats” became easier and easier and have absolutely blown me away with the enormous amount of self-reflection and empowerment these sessions have given me. I am a self-confessed soft hearted caring nurse who wears her heart on her sleeve with high expectations of myself in my performance as a senior clinician. So many tears have been shed, sometimes with sadness, sometimes with frustration and but now more often as happy tears and grateful for this experience with Chris’s guidance as I allowed myself to make real changes and embraced opportunities with enthusiasm once again.

I have learnt so much about myself, not because Chris told me, but by the way he allowed me to discover these things for myself and to really understand what matters during our “chats”

The reflective and supportive practice sessions with Chris over the time has now given me the freedom to empower myself and be mindful of how I feel and react within the organisation we work within, whilst knowing that I truly do make a difference in this world. My work life balance has been restored and I feel great to be involved with what matters.

Thank you Chris for being that catalyst, and your ability to guide me through the journey of discovery with your true professionalism.”


Kaz, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Women’s Health

Highest Quality Supervision

“Chris Dawber was my clinical supervisor for six years…. He provided me with the highest quality supervision… initially as clinical supervisor during what was one of the most difficult times in my professional career & then as a supervisor of supervision: an opportunity that enabled me to offer my own supervisees’ quality supervision. Our sessions were both productive and challenging at times; allowing me to critically reflect on my practice and find solutions to the issues at hand..     I would highly recommend Chris to anyone undertaking professional supervision.”

Jennifer McClay, Credentialled MHN, CNC,
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mental Health

I recommend Chris Dawber as a therapist and supervisor, unreservedly.

“As a psychologist of some 20 years, I recommend Chris Dawber as a therapist and supervisor, unreservedly. I would readily refer clients and supervisees to him.

He has a highly developed capacity for compassion, empathy, intuition, insight, and understanding. He listens with sensitivity and non-judgmentalness, and expresses himself with clarity, humanity and courage. He is an independent thinker, widely knowledgeable, and is a highly experienced professional.”

Tony Verner, Psychologist & Relationship counsellor

I cannot recommend Chris highly enough…

I have had the good fortune of working with Chris Dawber over many years:… working together in group supervision with clinicians from a variety of backgrounds, setting up a staff peer support system in a mental health service and providing clinical supervision to each other at various points in our respective careers.

I have the utmost respect for and confidence in Chris to provide helpful, relevant and stimulating supervision.  Chris reflects all the very best of human ideals, both as a clinician and as a supervisor.  He is trustworthy, tactful, challenging, respectful and hopeful for both his supervisee’s and for clients.  He has a great sense of humour, self awareness and self knowledge which contributes to him being able to go beneath the superficial with his supervisee’s dilemmas and struggles.  These abilities mean that supervision with Chris, can enable supervisee’s to deeply reflect and contemplate the often complex and thorny situations inherent in practice.

I cannot recommend Chris highly enough as a person, colleague, supervisor and clinician.”

Barb Bowler Credentialed mental health nurse. Director of Veriti: Health and Community Evidence based Education, Training & Supervision

Reflective practice allows nurses to refocus their thinking for complex patients

“As the Nurse Unit Manager of a busy Ambulatory Cancer Service… I was responsible for a group of nurses who had the privilege of working with patients at very vulnerable parts of their journey through cancer. The nursing profession requires lifelong learning, reflecting on experiences to improve the way we work and consciously analysing decision making… Personal supervision and group reflective practice allows nurses to refocus their thinking for complex patients using critical analysis, drawing on theory to increase confidence & become more proactive, qualified professional nurses.

Chris Dawber provided this service and helped this team make sense of events, situations and actions in the workplace. His respect for confidentiality and empathy for our patients empowered the team and the life skills learned are the foundations of the nurses and the work we perform to this day.”

Leanne Nurse Manager, Cancer Care