You helped me to grow as a nurse

Hello Chris,

It has been a blessing to start my mental health journey with you; from my student days back in 2013, to my RN days, now to my CN days. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you as a support, teacher, and inspirer.

Thank you also for allowing me to share my sadness about the lack of support when I started as an RN and CN at my workplace, as well as post several critical incidents. I was able to be comforted throughout the reflective group sessions with you; even though the topics were not in relation to this I was able to obtain a sense of achievement and guidance of what I should be looking for in my career.

Your warmth and vast knowledge definitely helped so much. You helped me to grow as a nurse who cares for not only the clients, but also colleagues and the mental health system as a whole.

I will not forget what I have learned, adapted, and reflected with your support.

Again, thank you so much for everything; your wisdom, kindness, warmth, and knowledge.