The space for true reflective practice

Chris has been my supervisor for just over 12 months now and in that time I have had the incredible opportunity to get to know him as a supervisor and more importantly as a human being.

I work with complex and severe youth mental health in an outreach service in North Brisbane, however travel to the sunshine coast to see Chris.

I’ve had different supervisors over the years who haven’t created the best working environment, but until working with Chris, I didn’t realise how that environment should really be. Not only is his practice experienced and knowledgeable but the space for true reflective practice is shared with him, never feeling like your position in the supervision is lesser. His honesty and respect given to me as the architect of my own work is a testament to his clinical supervision and has taught me to look after myself as much as look after my client’s health and well being, something no other supervisor I’ve had has done so effortlessly.

I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend Chris as a supervisor for anyone looking to better their practice, develop improved self care and overall increase your capacity to work better with clients.