RPG Facilitator Training and Supervision

Selection of feedback from trainee RPG facilitators regarding their experience of 2 years in an RPG facilitator supervision group:

The Facilitator Supervision facilitated by Chris Dawber is an essential part of being a facilitator of RPGsā€¦ I find it an extremely useful learning activity that helps me maintain psychological safety and reflective practice standards within the RPGs that I facilitate.

Overwhelmingly positive, much valued resource to enable ongoing reflection, capacity building & a supportive space.

RPG facilitator supervision has been a really helpful and important platform to share successes and challenges of running RPG; learning new ways to engage with participants.

It is great to learn and hear from the experiences of other facilitators who are genuine and committed towards making RPG a tool to improve the well-being of clinicians.

I feel privileged to be able (and have the opportunity) to hold a space for the nurses working in the inpatient (units). I have learned a lot about myself – the group allows me to reflect on my challenges, bias, and judgements.