Reflective Practice Group for Nurse Managers

Sample of responses from a quantitative/qualitative evaluation of RPG after 4 years:

I feel that RPG improves our team cohesion and allows us to better understand and respect our teams’ members. It allows us a save safe to be vulnerable and feel confident that we are respected. It gives us time and space away from the ongoing stress of the work/ward environment to calm and approach things with a clearer mind and headspace. Chris creates a space that is flexible and adaptive to what is required by the group on the day. I look forward to the RPG and would like it to continue – I strongly encourage all staff members to attend RPG as a direct result of my positive experience with same.

Having this resource available has been instrumental in supporting my own reflections and development within my role. It has also allowed me to gain greater insights into my peer’s perspective which has helped me grow individually but to also understand their perspective & experience.  This keeps us here working in the complex role of NUM.

I feel RPG has been an anchor to myself and my connection to the other group members. When I walk into the room, I feel the deep presence of connection with each other (inclusive of our facilitator) that has been formed one RPG session at a time. The group has created a sense of safety and belonging in that space which we all look forward to coming back to, month after month. The consistency of the frequency and quality of our RPG has helped me to turn up to the groups and release the weight of the role at the door and step into the room as my whole self, not just my NUM self. This experience of feeling more connected to myself, has helped me connect more deeply with the members of my group – a connection which is built on trust, compassion, and curiosity.