I immensely enjoy my supervision.

Literature has shown the importance of clinical supervision throughout a nurses professional life. The Australian College of Nursing advocates for all nurses to be engaged in some form of clinical supervision undertaken with a qualified clinical supervisor. Despite these recommendations I have only been involved in clinical supervision for the past 18 months.

During my sessions with Chris Dawber, I have learnt the importance of reflection and developed strategies to identify my own areas of strength, as well as areas that require strengthening. Through Chris working with me, I have learnt strategies to navigate my own thoughts and feel I am processing at a higher level of cognitive functioning. Chris has been very good at validating concerns and uses a very open collegial approach, working with the supervisee.

Regardless where we are situated within our professional career, there will always be issues and challenges to meet… often on a daily basis. Despite being in the nursing profession for nearly 40 years, I have learnt numerous strategies and skills from working with Chris. I immensely enjoy my supervision and would advocate that all nurses be involved in clinical supervision with someone like Chris.