2-Day RPG facilitator training workshop (2023).

• Training was very experiential… elements of the process of an RPG permeated throughout the training which was helpful and reinforcing.
• I very much enjoyed this workshop and found it invaluable.
The content was relevant and understandable, and the facilitators approachable and knowledgeable.
Parking was the only aspect of the last two days that was ‘not fantastic’.
• Relevant and important – excellent trainers and co facilitators
• Two consecutive days with the same group, doing experiential learning together. All very valuable in improving understanding confidence and the readiness to move on to the next steps.
• Thank you for role modelling effective reflective practice group facilitation.
I admire your craft in teaching the process and foundational knowledge, and role model at the same time. I would love to challenge myself to take on an (RPG) apprenticeship.
• Found being in the facilitator role quite stressful, but helpful. It pushed me out of my comfort zone.
• Found the entire training helpful and have become more confident. It has reinforced to me how important reflective practice is for everybody.
• I was initially worried about the idea of facilitating the group at the end of the second day, however the way it was conducted was very supportive and highly beneficial. Thank you!
• Excellent training. Excellent presenter. Techniques very effective.
I feel valued as a nurse in this service to have been offered this training.
• Excellent training. Great theoretical and practical experience. The best part was the ‘facilitating a group’ experience.
Very valuable learning experience. All senior nurses should be encouraged to do this training.